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November is a time of transition in much of the United States. Though the calendar shows that we still have a month of fall left, winter weather has begun to set in across much of the nation.

If you can still see the sun on a regular basis, you are welcome to enjoy it. However, for those of us who are facing winter outdoor weather by now, it is time to think of a new batch of seasonal outdoor activities. Here are some great winter outdoor pastimes to enjoy this season:


Skiing is a great way to take advantage of nearby mountains.


-Skiing. One of the world’s most popular winter sports, skiing is a great way to turn the frigid weather and frequent precipitation of winter into an asset! Powdery slopes make for excellent downhill and cross-country skiing conditions. Equipment can be either bought or rented, and skiing is always a family-friendly activity.

-Sledding. When snow begins to stick, this is one of the first things on many people’s minds. Any urban area can suddenly become full of ideal sledding slopes and lanes once snow begins to stick. Bear safety in mind at all times when sledding, and be sure to watch out for pedestrians as you go downhill.

-Snowboarding. Another popular mountain pastime, snowboarding is a longtime favorite of thrill seekers. But it’s not just an extreme sport—anyone can learn to snowboard, and the best places to snowboard often overlap with great skiing locations.

Snow Forest

Sometimes, the best thing to do is grab a camera and photograph the winter scenery.

-Photography. While photography can be practiced at any season, winter landscapes have a particular appeal to many. Though the trees may not be full of colorful leaves, as in fall, scenery draped in snow or sprinkled with frost can make excellent photo album material. As a further bonus, this is less expensive than many of the other activities on this list, as camera phones have made casual photography widely accessible.

-Build snowmen. This is another one of the many purposes of snow in outdoor activities. Building things out of snow carries an element of nostalgia for many, and it is still as fun as ever. Make as tall of a snow structure as you can, and decorate it for the coming holidays.

-Make s’mores and drink hot cocoa around a fire. Because, even to this day, it is the best cure for the cold!

As we head from fall to winter, be prepared for the weather of both seasons. Shop at Royal Robbins for your outdoor apparel needs.