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As the weather changes, so do our plans. And as early as the next few weeks, a new slate of outdoor activities and travel plans will come to the fore in much of the U.S.

Though it is still fall, winter is on the way. Temperatures are dropping, snow is falling in many parts of the country, and the winter holiday shopping season is almost here. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best places to go in the U.S. during winter:

-Salt Lake City, Utah. Utah’s scenic capital is a true winter wonderland. The combination of nearby mountains, chilly temperatures, and frequent snowfall make Salt Lake City a haven for skiers and snowboarders from far and wide in the winter months. Ever the mystical city, Salt Lake confounded the settlers who arrived there in the early 19th century. These pioneers believed the city was inhabited by giants and monsters, but we assure you they were mistaken.

Salt Lake City

Utah’s scenic Capitol building, framed by winter scenery.

-Las Vegas, Nevada. You know what they say—what happens in Vegas…. The city offers no shortage of entertainment for visitors, particularly on the vibrant Las Vegas Strip. Many of the world’s largest hotels and casinos are located along Las Vegas Boulevard there. But the city is about more than just sin—world-class concerts, magic shows, circuses (Cirque de Soleil in particular), and more abound in this sunny city. That said, the roulette and poker tables have their fair share of allure.

-Key West, Florida. There are travelers who embrace the winter and hit the mountains to ski, and then there are those who visit Key West! There is something to be said for escaping winter and enjoying sunny weather instead. This South Florida tropical city is known for a relaxed pace of life, offbeat local culture, and a whole lot of sun. If you want to take a summer style vacation in December or January, Key West is the place to go.

Key WestThe sun is regularly out even in December in Florida’s Key West.

-South Padre Island. This Texas island is an extremely popular spring break destination. However, travelers can enjoy similarly pleasant weather at South Padre Island at cheaper prices in the winter. With wide beaches, deep blue waters, and a whole lot of eager visitors at all seasons, this island is an ideal travel spot for the outgoing tourist.

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