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Go prepared for spring days in cool climates. Take these essentials for your next adventure packed full of surprises like sudden cloudbursts.

Rain Jacket—Mid Weight (Ladies, try this one in red! Guys, here’s on for you.)

Rain Pants—Mid Weight (Ladies, check this one out. Men, we have you covered too.)

Fleece Jacket

Lightweight Beanie Hat (Check these out)

Sun Hat (Here’s a good option)

Lightweight Fleece Gloves

Hiking Boots

Trail-Running Shoes

Camp Slippers

Hiking Socks

Plain Socks

Long Underwear Bot Toms

Long Sleeve Travel Shirts (Guys, this might be your new go-to!)

Short Sleeve Travel Shirts (Ladies, these are comfy and reversible)

Travel Underwear

Zip-Off Pants (Guys, these zip off and keep the bugs at bay!)

Hybrid Shorts

Travel Duffel


Organizer “Packing Cubes”

Insulated Coffee Mug

Water Bottle/Filter

Iodine Tablets

Bag Liner Sheet

Pillow And Pillowcase

Ear Plugs

Travel Towel

Hiking Poles

Headlamp/Extra Batteries


Ultralight Lantern

Travel Games

2 Pairs Sunglasses/Cases

Camera, Charger, Memory Card

Mini Tripod

Zip-Lock Bags

Duct Tape–Wrapped Water Bottle

Pencil And Notepad

3 Small Locks

Adapter Plugs

Spf 40 Lip Protector


Anti-Chafe Stick

Bug Repellent


Passport Photos—5 Each

Passport & Credit Card Copies

Local Currency

First Aid Kit