Royal Remastered Collection

Born in Yosemite, Built for Today

Over 50 Years Ago Our founders, legendary climbers Liz and Royal Robbins, spent most of their time enjoying the wonders of Yosemite Valley. From the heights of the Sierra Mountains to the depths of the valley, they lived a breathed adventure. Their Yosemite experiences led to the development of clothing designed to thrive in the outdoors. Some of those items- like the Billy Goat and Backcountry collections, achieved iconic status.


Now, we've modernized those heritage styles into a collection we call Royal Remastered. Updated for today, these styles are infused with the same sense of adventure. Designed with a modern fit and built for durability and performance, each piece is made with more sustainable materials to lower our impact on the natural world. 
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Built to Last

We make clothing with purpose and our famous "withstand the granite" durability is still intact throughout the Royal Remastered Collection. Our goal is to make eco-conscious, comfortable, and stylish gear that lasts, so you can adventure more with less.
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