“Nature and adventure are good for the soul.” -Our founders, Liz and Royal Robbins


Royal Robbins was one of the best climbers who ever lived. The company he and his wife Liz started was conceived on top of Half Dome and born in Basecamp in Yosemite Valley in 1968.

Liz and Royal didn't climb mountains just to conquer them. They climbed because it was good for the soul. And the clothes they made were for people like them. People who lived in basecamps all over the world so they could climb, hike, trek, ride, travel, and talk about it all night around the fire.

The clothes Royal Robbins makes today still contain cotton, hemp, wool, and recycled fibers and they're still found at basecamps, crammed into packs, and abused all day before they're slept in and worn again.

Because every great adventure starts and ends in a basecamp somewhere. And that's where you'll find Royal Robbins clothes. Conceived on Half Dome. Born in Basecamp.

Show us your Basecamp

We'd love to see your favorite place—where adventures begin before dawn and are celebrated each evening. Where you go to feed your soul. Connect to our community of lifelong adventurers.

Our Logo Inspiration

The Royal Robbins “Adventure Tree” combines the sequoia tree—an iconic symbol of our Northern California heritage—with a signpost from the legendary Pacific Crest Trail. For us, it represents Nature and Adventure: two core elements that feed our souls.

Rooted in Sustainability

Material production accounts for the largest portion of a product’s footprint on ecosystems and the environment. That is why we carefully select lower impact fibers that help us reduce waste, chemical use, water use, and greenhouse gas emissions. 
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Our Partnerships

We are proud to work with organizations that share our values of protecting people and planet; together we believe we will create long lasting change. 
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