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Meet Our Preferred Adventure Company


“With over 50 years of experience, MT Sobek is a leader in outdoor adventures. We share a passion for seeking transformative adventures while preserving our planet and the local communities we visit and support. We’re excited to launch this multi-year partnership to help strengthen our expertise in this space and create the best outdoor clothing for our adventure-seeking customers.”

 – Michael Millenacker, CEO




MT Sobek guide Sylvain, in a black windbreaker, on a boat looking to the left of the image out over the water


MT Sobek guides are truly the experts in adventure. They lead excursions across diverse climates, terrains, and activities. Over the next few years, we plan to test product, gather feedback, and bring innovations to our customers. This partnership will help us reach our ultimate goal: to make versatile outdoor apparel for people who bring the spirit of adventure to everything they do.

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Sylvain Curtil head shot

Sylvain Curtil

Trip Type: Cultural
Region: Asia, Vietnam

I am a French national living in Thailand and have guided in Southeast Asia for over 30 years. Along the way, I’ve learned about Buddhism, Hinduism, Asian history and art, and also speak French, English, Thai, Lao, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Joe Coleman 

Trip type: Hiking & Trekking
Region: North America, Yosemite, The Sierras

Whether it’s backpacking, climbing, biking or botanizing, I cherish fully immersing in captivating landscapes. I have a passion for public outreach and educating on behalf of the wild. I’ve visited Costa Rica, Spain, Nepal, Ecuador and the Galapagos, which have shown me the importance of maintaining an open mind to maximize your experience.

Rodrigo Bahamondez head shot

Rodrigo “Ro” Bahamondez 

Trip type: Hiking & Trekking
Region: Argentina, Central & South America, Chile, Patagonia

I was born in Chile and grew up in Patagonia where I developed a deep love for the outdoors. I’ve been guiding for the last 15 years, and am also a hiker, kayaker, mountaineer, and wilderness responder. I am a certified Mountain guide and kayak instructor.

Brienne O'Donnel head shot, with blue hood and head lamp, facing left

Brienne O'Donnell

Trip type: Hiking & Trekking
Region: North America, Yosemite, The Sierras

As a Michigan native surrounded by the Great Lakes, water and outdoors always played a central role in my life. My path to the Sierra Nevada has been spontaneous, including adventures in New Zealand, working in outdoor retail, and a bike tour across the South. I’ve found that the best way to protect wild places is to authentically share the outdoors in all its natural beauty.

Fred Ackerman head shot

Fred Ackerman 

Trip type: Hiking & Trekking
Region: North America, Yosemite, The Sierras

A Bay Area native, I studied linguistics at UCSD and worked as a paralegal in San Diego. Instead of law school, I took a sabbatical to live on a fishing boat in Alaska, which ultimately led me to my dream job as a guide. I love meeting people of all ages and backgrounds and that my office is the great outdoors.

Florence Simond head shot

Florence “Flo” Simond 

Trip Type: Hiking & Trekking
Region: Europe, Switzerland

Growing up in the Chamonix Valley in France, the mountains are an integral part of my life. I have led nearly 50 trips to the Alps, not counting how many times I’ve done this trip for my own fun! In addition to guiding, I am a skier and climber.

Laurent Langoisseur head shot

Laurent Langoisseur 

Trip Type: Hiking & Trekking
Region: Europe, France, Italy, Switzerland, The Alps

An avid sports enthusiast and inexhaustible hiker, I’ve hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc close to 100 times. I have been guiding for MT Sobek since 1995, and when I’m not guiding, I teach First Aid and Mountain Rescue to mountain and hiking guides. During the winter, I’m a ski patrol monitor in the mountains above Chamonix.