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Men's graphic t-shirt


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This soft, moisture wicking heritage graphic t-shirt tells us a little history - Royal Robbins wasn't always a rock climber. In his youth, Royal got into a scrape of trouble or two, train hopping around Southern California. Royal credits the Boy Scouts for channeling his restless, adventurous spirit towards the great outdoors, and towards the zenith of the climbing world. The Royal Landmark graphic tees feature designs and printing by The Landmark Project. Portions of the sales will help under-privileged youth discover the natural world, as well as support our ancestral home, the Yosemite Conservancy.

Our graphic tees feature designs and printing by The Landmark Project, whose illustrations are inspired by iconic outdoor destinations. Founded in 2007, their aesthetic is a modern twist on the golden age of travel, with rich color layers to bring the wilderness and open air of their favorite outdoor destinations into everyday clothing.

Additionally, The Landmark Project helps sponsor under-resourced youth to discover life in the natural world through rafting, climbing and camping trips. A portion of the proceeds from the Royal Landmark collaboration, which features illustrations celebrating the iconic story of our founder, will support our spiritual home through the Yosemite Conservancy.

  • Standard fit
  • Super soft


Dri-Comfort Cotton / Poly Blend
4 oz., 52% Cotton, 48% Polyester

  • Moisture Wicking. Pulls moisture away from the skin for quick evaporation.