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Materials & Product Design

Preferred Materials The majority of a product’s environmental impact occurs during fiber and material production. By choosing lower impact, preferred materials, we reduce the footprint of our products.
Responsible Chemistry We are committed to eliminating hazardous chemicals from our products and production processes, for the health & safety of people and planet.
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The bluesign system sets and controls rigid standards for environmentally friendly and safe chemical management. bluesign approved fabrics are made with chemicals and raw materials that meet the highest level of consumer safety and are produced with minimum impact on people and the environment.

Durable Water Repellency without PFC’s

All the waterproof and water repellant finishes used on our products are fluorine-free, helping to reduce the number of toxins left in our environment.

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Our Chemical Guidelines

Our Chemical Guidelines and Restricted Chemical List outline all banned and hazardous chemicals we prohibit in the production of our products.

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Purpose Built, Built to Last
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Our design philosophy is built on creating long-lasting, classic, and versatile products to withstand the whims of fashion. Each product must meet the three principles of our design philosophy before going to production.

  • Reason for Being
  • Purposefully Designed
  • Quality that Lasts