Royal and his wife Liz were iconic Sierra Nevada rock climbers during the 1960s. They were part of a scrappy band of climber/philosophers and were powerful advocates of clean climbing. They embraced a set of practices and techniques that enabled them to climb big walls with little, or no damage, to the rock. The Robbins’ approach to climbing is literal representation of their deep respect for the natural world.

As a company, Royal Robbins’ commitment to the environment and social responsibility stems from our founder’s origins and extends to all aspects of our business. The company grew out of a passion for building clothing that could stand up to the Robbins’ adventurous lifestyle. We honor Royal and Liz’s vision by doing things the right way. Honoring and protecting the outdoor environment remains at the heart of our business.


Our approach to sustainability.

Royal was one of the first, and most vocal, proponents of clean climbing. Clean climbing is the practice of using removable nuts for protection rather than pounding pitons into the granite cracks. This practice, along with a very sparing use of bolts, preserves the rock faces for future generations.

In 1967, Royal and his future wife, Liz, made a first ascent in Yosemite using this new technique which was revolutionary in the U.S. at the time. Never before had a major American first ascent been completed by climbing clean and only using removable nuts. Royal named the new route, Nutcracker, a classic to this day.

Royal’s climbing ethos was to leave as little trace as possible, we mirror that in our fabric sourcing and production process. In a recent New York Times interview, Tom Frost, climber and friend of Royal, said of him, “his philosophy was that it’s not getting to the summit but how you do it that counts.” Doing things the right way isn’t always the easy way, but it is the only way worth doing it.

"What a pleasure to climb a fine route and find no traces of those who have come before and to leave no mark one's passage...To use art instead of force."



Purpose built and built to last.

Our products live up to strict manufacturing guidelines. The production process, materials and fabric selection, product assembly and strict quality control during the production process adds up to clothing that is built to last. Royal Robbins clothing is purpose built for an active travel lifestyle.

The purchase of a Royal Robbins product is a guarantee that the need to buy a new item will not arise for a long, long time.