Royal’s climbing ethos was to leave as little trace as possible. An ethos he and Liz put into practice by using only removable nuts on their first ascent of the Nutcracker Suite. They instilled their belief that how one gets to the summit is more important than reaching the summit into the Royal Robbins business and it still guides our commitment to sustainability today

A Journey of Continuous Improvement

Our commitment to sustainability is based on Liz and Royal’s belief in doing things the right way for people and planet. We know that this path is not always easy and that sustainability is not a fixed destination but a journey of continuous improvement. To guide us on our journey we have three key focus areas.

Materials and Product

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Ethical Production

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UN Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action

In 2019, our parent company signed the Fashion Charter. As a signatory, we are committed to an industry-wide target of 30% greenhouse gas emissions reductions by 2030, collaboration on developing a methodology for the apparel industry to decarbonize, and sharing tools or resources to enable all within the industry to reach the necessary climate reductions.

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Climate Compensation

We are committed to reducing our emissions wherever possible and work with partners that are aware of their environmental footprint. As part of our commitment we climate compensate our unavoidable CO2 emissions from product shipments, business travel, staff commuting, energy consumption, and events through investments in Gold Standard Projects. By investing in Gold Standard Projects we can be sure that the compensation projects we fund have environmental integrity and support sustainable development.