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Materials & Product Design

Preferred Materials

The majority of a product’s environmental impact occurs during fiber and material production. By choosing lower impact, preferred materials, we reduce the footprint of our products.
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Seawool material made from ground oyster shells.
S Cafe material made of recycled coffee grounds.
Used water bottles recycled to create polyester for clothing.

Recycled Poly

Recycled polyester is made of 100% recycled plastic waterbottles.  This process reduces the amount of bottles that end up in landfills, extends resource lifecycles, and reduces the need for fossil fuel-based fibers.

The Royal Robbins Expedition II line consists entirely of recycled poly.
Expedition II
Sustainable hemp


Naturally performing and sustainable, Hemp provides odor control, moisture wicking, breathability, and durability all in one.  Hemp plants are resistant to pests and are hardy growers, reducing the need for harmful fertilizers and pesticides.  Their root systems also prevent erosion and maintain soil health.  

Check out the Royal Robbins hemp collection.
Organic cotton

Organic Cotton

Soft and comfortable, organic cotton is grown without pesticides or herbicides.  Choosing organic cotton benefits farmers, consumers, and eco-systems.

Many Royal Robbins items are made from carefully sourced organic cotton.
Organic Cotton
Merino sheep

Wool & Merino Wool

Wool is comfortable in all weather, regulates body temperatures, breathes, wicks moisture, dries quickly and controls odor. Wool also provides rich textures to make classic fabrics while merino wool’s long, fine fibers are soft to the touch. We require our wool suppliers to follow our animal welfare policy and certify that all merino wool is non-mulesed.

TENCEL Lyocell

Made from wood and pulp from FSC-certified, sustainably managed forests, TENCEL Lyocell is produced with very low ecological impact using processes which recycle waters and reuses the solvent at a recovery rate of over 99%.  The fibers are long, smooth hydrophilic, and naturally soft to the touch. They are thermoregulating, quick drying through moisture management, and have breathability for long-lasting comfort.


Harvested from FSC-certified, ethically managed forests, TENCEL Modal is an exceptionally soft, high performing “natural synthetic” cellulose fiber. The long, smooth fibers are hydrophilic, making them excellent at wicking moisture.


Soft and sustainable Seawool fiber is created by combining recycled polyester from post-consumer plastic water bottles with pulverized oyster to reduce land and sea waste. The recycled polyester delivers quick-dry, wrinkle-free and easy-care performance, while the oyster shell powder in the yarn insulates, provides a soft woolen touch, controls odor and eliminates static.
Coffee grounds used in S Cafe material.


S.Café yarn is sustainably made from used coffee grounds and recycled polyester upcycled from post-consumer water bottles. Coffee grounds embedded in the yarn offer long-lasting benefits of odor control, moisture wicking and fast drying while recycled polyester makes the fabric highly durable.

Purpose Built, Built to Last

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Our design philosophy is built on creating long-lasting, classic, and versatile products to withstand the whims of fashion. Each product must meet the three principles of our design philosophy before going to production.

  • Reason for Being
  • Purposefully Designed
  • Quality that Lasts

Responsible Chemistry

We are committed to eliminating hazardous chemicals from our products and production processes, for the health & safety of people and planet.

All the waterproof and water repellant finishes used on our products are fluorine-free, helping to reduce the number of toxins left in our environment.

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Our Chemical Guidelines and Restricted Chemical List outline all banned and hazardous chemicals we prohibit in the production of our products.