Preferred Materials

Following Liz and Royal’s lifelong commitment to the environment, Royal Robbins creates functional, high-quality designs to outfit you for a lifetime of adventure. From the materials we choose to the factories we partner with, we work diligently to reduce emissions, eliminate toxins, promote planetary health, and protect the people who make our products.

Made Without PFCs

We have been on a journey to eliminate PFCs since 2018, and successfully ended all intentional sourcing of PFCs in 2020.

We know this work isn’t done and PFCs still exist in our industry, leading to risk of contamination or unintentional use. As a leader in the elimination of PFCs, we are excited for other brands to join our quest to end the use of carcinogenic substances in the industry.


In 2022, we committed to transitioning 50% of wool used in our products to be certified and traceable by 2025 To help us reach this goal, we went through the RWS brand certification process so we can formally track the chain of custody of our wool from fiber to final product. We are on track to reach that goal by fall 2024.


We use 100% PEFC Certified sources of wood pulp in our TENCEL™ Modal styles. Composed of natural material, TENCEL™  Modal fibers are primarily made with wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.


Organic and preferred cotton is grown using lower-impact practices compared to conventional cotton farming. For example, organic cotton is grown without pesticides or herbicides. Our target goal is for all cotton in our line to be organic or preferred by 2025.


Our hemp fibers have a dual focus: natural performance and sustainability through lower land use intensity than conventional cotton. Due to the nature of the crop, hemp has little need for pesticides, herbicides, or irrigation, and its deep root structure can help replenish the soil.


Recycled poly and nylon divert waste from PET bottles and pre-consumer textile sources, respectively. These repurposed fibers serve as a high-quality performance alternative to virgin synthetics.


Fair Labor Association

The Fair Labor Association is a multi-stakeholder organization, focused on promoting workers’ rights and improving working conditions globally. Using their tools and resources, we continuously improve our approach to ethical sourcing.

Chemistry beakers with clear liquid
Higg Index

The Higg Index enables brands, retailers, and manufacturers of all sizes to accurately measure their sustainability performance. Our use of the tools helps us understand the sustainability of our value chain and identify areas for improvement.

Animal Welfare

We are committed to the ethical treatment of animals. Read our full Animal Welfare Policy.

The Royal Robbins Way

The Royal Robbins Way is the management tool designed to guide our sustainability journey. Click to read the full Royal Robbins Way.

The Supplier Code of Conduct

We believe that strong partnerships are essential to sustainable business. We hold our partners and ourselves to high ethical standards. Click to read our full Supplier Code of Conduct.

CSR Report

We annually report our progress through our parent company Fenix Outdoor Group. Click link to read full report.