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The Yosemite Facelift is an annual, end of summer extravaganza where volunteers from around the world gather in Yosemite National Park to help clean up trash, repair trails, and help the Valley recover from the impacts of the summer’s crowds.

Founders Royal and Liz Robbins atop Half Dome in 1967, after Liz became the first woman to climb the Northwest Face of Half Dome. This marked the 10th anniversary of Royal’s iconic first ascent.

This Friday, the Royal Robbins team (nearly 40 strong this year!) will be heading to Yosemite National Park to participate in the Facelift. As a company, we are committed to protecting and conserving the birthplace of our company, where our founders made first ascents on Half Dome and El Capitan.

Every year in late September, the Yosemite Climbing Association, currently led by Ken Yager, organizes the cleanup. They provide trash bags, litter sticks, and safety vests to volunteers. Every year, over 1,300 people donate nearly 10,000 hours to the effort. It’s the biggest volunteer cleanup of any park in the country, and we hope this 13th year will be the best!

The Yosemite Conservancy is a non-profit organization that supports ongoing conservation and park improvements efforts in Yosemite National Park. They are our primary non-profit partner.

From September 20 through September 25, the Yosemite Facelift will get the park ready for winter hibernation. Each night, there are barbecues and events hosted in the auditorium.

We are absolutely thrilled to be joining an incredible group of Yosemite enthusiasts this weekend. We believe that we have an obligation to conserve and improve the natural world so that we and our children can enjoy these spaces in a positive and sustainable manner.

To find out more about the Yosemite Facelift, click here.

To help us support Yosemite National Park, please visit the Yosemite Conservancy website.