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The story of the Headwall Chambray Long Sleeve shirt for men is truly remarkable: Known in-house as eco Chambray, the material for this garment is created from factory floor scraps left over during the manufacturing of our clothing.

Factory worker collecting cutting room scraps

How It’s Made

  1. Our partners at Hemp Fortex collect excess waste from the cutting room floor.
  2. Then they break down the scraps into fibers and respin the fibers into recycled hemp yarn.
  3. The new recycled hemp yarn is then used to weave the Headwall Chambray fabric.

Headwall Chambray fabric is made at Hemp Fortex, a progressive Chinese factory focused on eco-friendly fabrics. Founded in 1999, Hemp Fortex maintains a low-impact policy of “conscience without compromise” — carefully auditing land use, controlling wastewater, and using only EU-approved dyes and chemicals. The factory recycles cutting room scraps, shreds them back into fiber form, re-spins them into new yarn, and uses that yarn to weave the fabric. Because the scraps and castoffs used in eco chambray are essentially random, the resulting blend has a completely individual texture and composition; each shirt is as unique as its eventual owner.

Hemp Fortex

This means that, as with the Hempline collection, the reduction of waste actually results in a more unique, attractive, and wearable item of clothing. This happy confluence of events is why we think of the Headwall Chambray Long Sleevefor men as your favorite shirt you haven’t met yet.

Headwall Chambray Long Sleeve Shirt for Men

“Our eco chambray fabric is made from a blend of naturally performing hemp which is odor resistant, organic cotton, and recycled polyester,” explains Royal Robbins’ Materials Coordinator Katelyn Johnson. “This fabric has great physical characteristics and an interesting background story.”

Royal and Liz Robbins shared a vision that stewardship and sustainability would govern their relationship with the world. This meant making climbing gear that didn’t damage mountain faces and creating clothing that was as gentle as possible on the environment. Royal Robbins’ current CEO, Michael Millenacker, inherited this vision, and he and the rest of the team could not be more pleased with how perfectly Headwall Chambray dovetails with the company’s principles.

From inception to purchase to a perennial place as your wardrobe’s most reliable contributor, the Headwall Chambray Shirt is a garment you will feel good about wearing. Like we say: It’s your favorite shirt you haven’t met yet.