The softest gifts are the best gifts. Here at Royal Robbins, we are known for our fantastic fabrics. We believe that how something feels and performs is just as important as how something looks.

Here our our softest favorites for this holiday season.


The Softest Flannel – Performance Flannel

Why can’t a technical shirt be cozy? Or rather, why can’t a cozy shirt also be moisture wicking and dry incredibly quickly? Well, frankly there’s no reason why not.

We usually associate flannel shirts with soft but heavy cotton shirts that are wonderful for a winter night, but the second you start to warm up, they get extremely clammy. The Performance Flannel eliminates clamminess while feeling just as soft as ever.

Flannel shirts can come in all types of weights and contents, including cotton, wool, nylon and polyester. The main thing that makes a flannel a flannel is the napping process, which raises the ends of the fabric’s fibers to allow it to retain heat better and gives it that fuzzy softness.

By using nylon and polyester, we ensure that all that heat-generated moisture gets wicked away to cool you off, without sacrificing warmth when it’s cold outside. As an added bonus, these dry so quickly, you don’t need to use the dryer, saving time, money, and the environment (seriously: dryers account for up to 7% of US residential CO2 emissions, more than any appliance other than a fridge. Here’s some info on how the find the best dryers from National Geographic).

(Pro Tip: we suggest washing this right away. It feels better and better with age)


The Adventurer in MerinoLux™

Merino wool blended with eco-conscious Sorona® fibers delivers superior softness and durability with the temperature regulating, odor resistant and quick dry capabilities of traditional Merino. Basically, it’s Merino, but Deluxe.

You can read more in depth on Sorona here, but in the meantime, let’s summarize: it reduces CO2 emissions vs. traditional polyesters, makes sometimes itchy wool softer, and is extremely durable.  Softer? Lasts longer? Sign me up.


The Stylist Traveler in Wrinkle-Resistant Blends

The Desert Pucker is the all-time, best-selling Royal Robbins® shirt. Why? It’s velvety soft and smooth, like butter against your skin. We get that soft touch from eco-conscious Modal® fibers, which are sourced from sustainably managed beech tree forests in Austria. Someone recently described the Desert Pucker as feeling like “If you took rabbit fur and made it really really short so that it was smooth and not furry.” We’re not sure we understand that, but we definitely don’t disagree.

In fact, we love Modal® so much, with its moisture wicking and UPF properties, we’ve put it in nearly 40 styles.

But Modal® isn’t alone. Tencel® is a very similar fiber that we’ve used to great success in women’s tops and dresses, including the fan favorite Essential Tencel® collection. Like Modal, Tencel is sourced from sustainably-managed forests in Europe. It blends extremely well with polyesters, cottons, and wool. The Beechwood Wool Blend Long Sleeve is an excellent example: Tencel makes the shirt super soft, while the wool makes it a little bit warmer for the cooler months, along with UPF 50+ protection, wrinkle resistance, and quick dry performance.


The Heavier Layer

Our ultra soft performance fabrics aren’t just limited to lighter weight layers. The Performance Flannel Overshirt and the Tencel® Terry Cardi are excellent examples.


Because Your Legs Deserve It Too

Men’s pants are not usually thought of as soft. In fact, that’s probably a bad thing. But SOFT and DURABLE should go hand in hand. For the Brushed Back Twill Pant, we took the durability of the classic Billy Goat® cotton canvas and remade it in a stylish twill. Then, we brushed the inside so that the layer against your skin is extra soft with a hint of fuzzy. Rugged and cozy, all at the same time.