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Given the pervasiveness of the cold weather and winter storms that have recently plagued much of the U.S., couples planning their honeymoons are surely eyeing warm-weather spots. In particular, couples are looking at locations in the tropics where the snow is nonexistent, and there are miles of sandy beaches.

Beautiful sandy beaches


Me, thee and a beach or three.

Tell a younger man that he’s going to the beach for a week or two and he’ll quickly assemble a couple of swimming suits, various pairs of shorts, some t-shirts and a moderately nice outfit that will pass any dress code restrictions at the area’s nicer restaurants. Throw in some sandals, a hat or two, sunscreen and underwear – and maybe a pair of dressy socks – and, within five or six minutes of being told about where he’ll be honeymooning, Mr. Man is ready to hop on the plane.

Women, on the other hand, tend to plan for these sojourns more meticulously. Below are some items what many women will want to consider packing for a tropical honeymoon.

First off, since the groom will be traveling relatively lightly, agree to stow toiletries (and maybe that extra pair of shoes) in his carry-on bag. This should leave you enough room for 2-3 pairs of Shorts, 2-3 dresses or skirts, 4-5 Tanks & Tops, 2 pair of shoes, 2 blouses, a cover-up, 2-3 swimsuits, 2 pair of pants or Capris, a lightweight sweater, lingerie, sleepwear and a hat. Plus, of course, what you choose to wear as your traveling outfit.

Looking over a peaceful sunset


Bring along at least one heavier outfit for taking in those sunsets.

Choose items that you can mix or match and versatile items that you can dress down or up. That little black dress you’ll no doubt bring along, for instance, could be worn “up” (with stylish sandals and hoop earrings) or “down,” with sneakers and a straw hat.

Keep in mind a few simple guidelines: You will not wear pants as often as you might think on a beach vacation. Several cotton t-shirts are a must as tropical locations tend to be warm and humid, necessitating a change of top once or more per day. Take at least two swimsuits so that one can dry out while you wear the other.

And take as much time as you need to select just the right pair of sandals. You’ll be walking in them practically everywhere.