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Fall is prime biking season in many regions across the United States. The roads are not as crowded as they were in summer, the foliage has arrived, and temperatures are still pleasant outdoors.

However, with bike season comes bike repair season, and anyone going on bike trips this fall needs to be prepared for any kind of bike crisis or maintenance task. Here are some items you must have with you for repairs on your biking trip this fall:

-Compact scissors. These are useful for cutting handlebar wrap, snipping vinyl tape, and much more. They also come in handy outside of cycling. Ever had a holiday gift that was really hard to open?

-Cable cutter. Though these are on the higher end of the cyclist tool price range, cable cutters are an indispensable part of the tool kit. Look for a bargain one if you can fine it.

-Floor pump. This may not fit in everyone’s backpack, but it should be in every cyclist’s home, car, RV, or hotel. It is unthinkable to bike regularly without a heavy-duty means of putting air back in your tires. Be sure to look for pumps with gauges installed, as with these it is easy to tell how much air your tires need.

-Mini pump. This one can fit in your backpack. A smaller bicycle pump that can fit on your person is an essential tool for the cyclist. If a tire needs a little air along the way, this pump is here to help you out.


Remember to use both a large bike floor pump and a portable mini-pump.

-Tire levers. You will need to make sure you have these in case you need to change a tire along the way. Be aware that certain types of tires require different levers.

-Allen wrenches. Handy complete kits of these tiny wrenches are readily available. These are good for easily adjusting nuts, bolts, and screws on a bike.

-Multitool. Many hikers and backpackers are fond of Swiss Army knife-style multitools, but cyclists ought to look for a different variety. You will want a tool with a Phillips screwdriver, a chain tool, two sizes of standard spoke wrenches, and more. As an added bonus, many multitools come with sets of Allen wrenches included. This would take care of the previous item on this list as well!

Preparedness is key for cyclists and mountain bikers. For your biking gear, hiking gear, and any other form of fall outdoor apparel, visit Royal Robbins!