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In the fall and winter, mountains are popular refuges for lovers of the outdoors. Skiers and snowboarders look forward to the season’s powdery snow, while mountain climbers seek adventure on mountains in ideal weather.

The United States offers many peaks to climb, ranging from accessible mountains for the less experienced to extremely challenging peaks for professionals. Here are some of the best mountains for climbing in the country:

-Mount Rainier, Washington. This moderately difficult mountain is the highest peak in the Cascade Range. Though you will have to traverse through snow and glaciers toward the top, Rainier remains an accessible climb for those new to the sport. However, be warned that the mountain frequently experiences earthquakes. Though this should not deter you from trying it, it is good to be careful.

-Mount Washington, New Hampshire. Though not as tall as some of the other mountains on this list, Mount Washington is a truly challenging climb. Home to some of the world’s most tumultuous weather, this peak is known for swirling winds and chilly temperatures. Climbers can choose to either hike their way toward the top or take an alpine route upward.


A beautiful view from Mt. Washington in New Hampshire

-Mauna Kea, Hawaii. This scenic dormant volcano is lined with red lava rocks, which frequently shift and turn hot in the summer. This climb is not a difficult one at all, though inexperienced climbers should take precautions. Some climbers experience mild headaches from the high altitude peak’s close proximity to sea level. However, the views from the summit make it all worth the while. Watch a Hawaiian sunset or sunrise from this peak if you get the chance.


-Longs Peak, Colorado. Located in Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak is one of the Rocky Mountains’ iconic peaks. Considered to be a difficult climb, this mountain offers plenty of chances for climbs up steep rocks and displays of technical climbing ability. The mountain’s popular Keyhole Route is a major draw.


Longs Peak, Colorado. Located in Rocky Mountain National Park

-Mount Katahdin, Maine. This is the lowest peak on this list, at 5,267 feet. However, the mountain’s Knife Edge trail, which is only two feet wide and has thousand-foot drops on either side, makes Mount Katahdin a popular destination for thrill-seekers. Don’t worry if you are concerned about the Knife Edge trail, though. The rest of the mountain is accessible enough for moderately experienced climbers.


This is the lowest peak on this list, at 5,267 feet.

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