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At Royal Robbins, we believe in exploring the world. Our love of adventure is evident in everything from the clothes we make to the name of our blog. In the spirit of “Go Everywhere,” we’re teaming up with a number of travel bloggers and adventurers.

We’d like to introduce Kia Abdullah and Peter Watson, better known as Atlas & Boots.


The London couple has traveled all over the globe, visiting over 60 countries between the two of them. Travel was part of what brought them together and that passion has continued to grow. A blog detailing their trips, advice for fellow travel enthusiasts, and their stories seemed like a logical step; Peter is the photographer and Kia is the writer. They will be sharing travel tips and insights as well as photos from their adventures.

When asked what one of their favorites trips was so far, they both said Cambodia. It was where they first discovered what type of travelers each other are. “The locals were so lovely, despite the things the country has gone through,” said Kia. She also remarked that there is a great mix of culture and climate between the beach, the temples and the architecture.

Angkor Tham, Temples of Angkor, Cambodia, travel to Cambodia

Angkor Tham, Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

Jordan was another favorite. “The weather was perfect, the scenery was fantastic and the food was great,” said Peter.

Traveling to Jordan

Wadi Run, Jordan

When travel is your passion, leaving on whim is not a problem. “Earlier, we went to Norway on a whim. Berga was cheap so we decided to go,” said Kia.

Travel to Norway

Green Grass, Norway

Their current adventure is their biggest one yet: this trip takes them through the South Pacific eastbound into South America over the next several months.

South Pacific island travel

Unlike some of their more spontaneous trips, this one took a lot of planning. Going on a 3+ month backpacking adventure is a quite the process for even the most experienced traveler. While it seems like a massive undertaking with planning and coordinating, the pair started mapping it out last summer. The trip will take them through various islands including Fiji, Tahiti and Easter Island.  Then, around November, they will head up to South America, stopping in Peru and Bolivia along with a few other South American countries. Most of their planning involves online research and guidebooks (a favorite of Peter’s).

When asked what advice they had for a travel novice, both agreed that traveling is not as hard as you think it is. While many feel like they can’t afford it, if you focus, plan, and save, it’s totally doable. Try not to worry too much. “Don’t underestimate people,” said Peter. “Wherever you go in the world, people want the same things.”