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As lovers of travel and adventure, we are always looking for the beauty and unique art of the area we are visiting.  Our first time running into true street art came when we were visiting the Azores.  We had little to no experience with street art prior to this visit, but that trip opened our eyes.  From then on, we set about to discover all the street art we could around the world.

Where our Love Started 

The city of Ponta Delgada on the largest Azorean island São Miguel hosts a street art festival, where artists from around the world come to create street art throughout the city.  Works of art fill the streets and country-side.

An Adventure in Itself

Finding street art is an adventure in itself.  Sometimes we get incorrect or incomplete information on locations of street art or a host of other issues.  Street art lifespan is undetermined.  Pieces that are here today, may be destroyed or covered over.  A good example of this is Graffiti Alley in Boston, MA.  Artists and would be artists flock to this location to contribute to the visuals of the alley.  No art is permanent and it is always changing.

Going Where the Art Leads You

Street art can be a wonderful way to bring back neighborhoods and communities that have fallen on hard times.  Take for example Wynwood Miami.  This neighborhood had fallen into decline after the industry and factories in the area moved or closed, leaving behind the empty skeleton of buildings.  Local artists seized this as an opportunity to brighten the dreary and vandalized buildings with their art.  Over time, the area has become a thriving community attracting artists and business from all over.  Now Wynwood extends over 50 city blocks and has over 200 works of art and growing.

Another place with a thriving street art scene that has lured us is Montreal, Canada.  Montreal has an annual festival that brings artists from around the globe.  It is a wonderful experience with music, food, and amazing artistry. Not to be outdone, fellow Canadian city of Toronto has its own thriving street art scene.  You can tour block after block of art and see so much diverse and wonderful art.

Seeing Art Everywhere

Once you start looking for street art, you’ll be amazed at all the places you will find it.  Most major metropolises will have at least some street.  Large cities like New York will have a virtually endless supply of art. The surprising thing is the unexpected finds in off-the-beaten-path places around the world, like when we found street art in a small town in the Dominican Republic.

Street art can be so many things.  It can relay humor or have deeper meanings.  It can tell a story, lift a neighborhood, or simply be the nicest thing you will see on your daily walk.  Whatever the meaning or purpose, finding it is great fun, and now part of our adventures when we travel.  Give finding street art a try on your next adventure, and you may be amazed at the art you will find.

Thank you to guest bloggers from RoarLoud & Street Art Chat for this wonderful post!