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The Menominee Indian Nation has been a part of the Kashena area of present-day Wisconsin for the last 10,000 years. Tourists and tribal members alike revel in the area’s 200,000-plus acres of forests, plant life, lakes, rivers and wildlife.


Beautiful White Water Rafting

One of the area’s many natural delights is the Wolf River, which snakes through the Menominee Nation and is regarded as one of Wisconsin’s last pristine rivers. Numerous companies offer raft trips through the area, both guided and unguided. Depending on your chosen route or segment of the majestic Wolf, you may encounter several of the state’s famous whitewater rapids (Shorts or swimming trunks are a must here).

Even in spots where the river is quiet and all that can be heard are the sounds of animals frolicking in the bordering forests, a trip down the Wolf contains its own version of excitement. Few, if any other, places in America offer such a natural rafting experience that’s within driving distance of major cities such as Chicago and Milwaukee.

There is also a logging museum located in Kashena Falls, said to be the largest and most comprehensive logging museum in the United States. An organization known as Menominee Tribal Enterprises helps to uphold the Tribe’s well-known sustained yield forest management practices. The organization’s main purpose is to manage, log and reforest the tribal forestland, as well as to market, distribute, sell and manage forest products and timber. Approximately 95% of the reservation supplies the best old stands of pine, hardwood and hemlock to be found in the Great Lakes area.


Breathtaking Scenery


As is the case with many other Native American nations, there is a casino nearby that offers dining, gaming, entertainment and conference opportunities. Women will want to consider packing along a Skirt or Dress for those moments spent enjoying the casino’s offerings.

Interested in volunteer opportunities while exploring the Menominee Nation? Try running a search on a site such as, which is said to “bring good people & good causes together.”