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What’s in our CEO’s Weekend Getaway Bag?

December 23, 2016

Michael Millenacker, CEO of Royal Robbins, is a busy man. To Michael, though, that means he just has to plan his weekend getaways a little more carefully, rather than going without.

“Weekends, time away from work, is really important,” Michael says. “I believe we’re more efficient during the work week if we get away from it on the weekends.”

He learned that philosophy from Royal Robbins himself. Michael started with the company in 1995, taking his New York City-based clothing brand background and applying it to what he calls “work with a purpose,” inspired by the environmental conservation and give-back, community mentality of the brand.

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 7.39.43 PM

Michael on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness

“Royal taught me to rock climb and white-water kayak,” Michael says. “I think the brain flows freer and we’re more enthusiastic and more efficient each day if we take that time. And that goes double for the weekend. Go ahead and think about work now and then, but think about other things, too. Be open to creative ideas.”

Michael’s most recent weekend away was a trip to Santa Cruz with his wife, departing after work on Friday and returning before work Monday morning. “It’s amazing how much you can actually pack into a weekend,” Michael says. “We went surfing at Steamer Lane, mountain biking at Wilder Ranch, which is world class, very close to Santa Cruz mountain biking headquarters. We also went hiking and swimming in the Santa Cruz mountains in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park.”

Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park

The redwood trees of Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park are quite simply spectacular.

“We stayed with friends, having a barbecue one night and inviting a bunch of friends over. We went to Tramonti, a casual gourmet pizza place, and The Crow’s Nest Restaurant, a beautiful spot over the water, on the other nights. I love to try and fit in as much in as you possibly can, doing several outdoor activities in one day. We really felt like we made the most of the weekend.”

Packing well for a weekend away (particularly a multi-adventure weekend) is essential to making the most of your time. Here’s Michael’s packing list for his Santa Cruz weekend:

  • “I took my new Santa Cruz Bronson mountain bike. When in Rome, or should I say Santa Cruz.”email_Michaels_bag-bottom
  • “The MerinoLux™ Go Everywhere® Tee is my favorite: it’s great for [being] active, and it’s great for hanging out with friends.”
  • “My Harbour surfboard is a nine-foot longboard, perfect for breaks on Santa Cruz.”
  • “When it cools off you always want to have a flannel, like the Performance Flannel. It’s a staple when you’re traveling.”
  • “The Backcountry Short is great for hiking, and it dries quickly after swimming.”
  • “I still love convertibles, like the Traveler Stretch Convertible Pant. You never know what you’ll be doing next.”
  • “The Convoy Utility Short is great for hiking and walking around town.”
  • “My super lightweight Eagle Creek Synch pack.”

“For me, that spirit of adventure is our brand promise,” Michael says. “For each of us it’s different, but as long as you’re doing something on a regular basis, as long as you’re adventuring, you’re truly improving yourself. That’s something Royal and I both really encourage: getting the most out of each day as you possibly can.”

What do you always pack for a weekend getaway? Tell us in the comments!

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