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Outdoor Activities to Enjoy before Winter

November 11, 2014

Winter brings with it a variety of seasonal activities. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, and even snowman construction are never easier and more enjoyable than in the coldest months of the year.

But fall weather has its benefits, and comfortable outdoor temperatures are among them. Before the snow comes, here are some activities to enjoy outdoors:


Fall is the best time of year to pick many fruits at orchards.

-Camping. Winter signals a lull in camping season in many parts of the United States, so this activity is best enjoyed before it gets too chilly.

-Picking Fruits and Vegetables. Orchards and pumpkin patches are fun activities uniquely suited for autumn. As harvest season reaches its peak and Halloween and Thanksgiving approach, the time is ripe to go pick apples, pumpkins, and more

-Sports. Though winter is a fine time for hockey or ice dancing, it is less ideal for some other games. Basketball, football, and soccer are much less pleasant to play when snow and sub-freezing temperatures have set in. So why not partake in them now? A backyard game of flag football is a great way to take advantage of the fall weather.

-Cycling. Without the scorching-hot temperatures and oppressive humidity of summer to deal with, cyclists can relax a bit more when riding in the fall. Of course, city streets are less crowded with cyclists in the fall, which makes the ride a bit smoother for those who do keep riding when the season turns. Forest and mountain bicycle trails never look better to riders than when the foliage is on display, of course. And as cycling becomes a bit more difficult when the snow and ice comes in the winter, it’s a great time of year to go for a ride, whether on the city streets or on a well-hidden trail!


In many parts of the country, fall is peak fishing season.

-Mountain Biking. So we may have cheated a little, as this can be done year-round and is similar to cycling. But the game changes in mountain biking when temperatures drop, so enthusiasts would do well to take advantage of mild fall temperatures to get in a few more sessions.

-Fishing. Fall is a peak season for fishing in many parts of the country. Such popular fish as sturgeon, salmon, and more are often easiest to catch in October and November. Fishing tends to take a bit of a lull in December and January, so now is the time to take a trip.

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