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Give the Gift of Adventure

December 29, 2016

Sure, everyone loves getting holiday gifts. but once the joy of unwrapping subsides, they’re often set aside and forgotten. A gift of an experience can give family or friends a memory they’ll cherish for years to come. From a lesson in something they’ve always wanted to try, to a weekend adventure they’ve always wanted to have, here are a few adventure gift suggestions (that won’t break the bank).


1. Exchange skills – We’re all busy, and we’re all guilty of getting caught up in our own routines. Chances are, one of your friends or family is curious about your hobby, be it rock-climbing, archery, paddleboarding, or surfing. And they (most likely) have their own hobbies (like scuba diving or horseback riding) that you haven’t had too much experience with.

This Christmas, suggest an exchange of skills: whether it’s a one-off experience, or a series of outings, introduce each other to the sport that gets you out of bed in the morning.

Gift Tips:

  • Prepare them to succeed – Make sure your recipient know what to wear and what to bring to be comfortable, and walk them through the basics before launching into a practical demonstration.
  • Lend them gear – Don’t ask or expect your giftee to shell out on gear until they’re hooked. Lend or rent them any gear that they need.


2. Take them away – We never get to spend as much time with our friends and family as we would like, right? This holiday season, plan an epic adventure for someone you love. It doesn’t have to be time-consuming – even an afternoon or a weekend away can be a memory in the making. Share an experience, reconnect, and remember what it’s all about.

Gift Tips:

  • Set a date – As tempting as it is to surprise your recipient completely, given busy schedules and family commitments, it’s probably best to ask him to give you a window of time, whatever they can spare. This might take a little maneuvring, but assure them you will take care of all the details once you have a date.
  • ….And then take care of everything – Plan the trip down to the last detail. All he needs to do is be ready to be picked up. (Don’t forget to give him a packing list.)
  • Stick to what he likes – While pushing comfort levels is never a bad thing, remember this is a gift: Don’t take him on a surfing road trip if he’s never been on a board.
  • Have fun with the presentation – Make it a scavenger hunt, or drop clues – it’s a good way to coax him out of his everyday worries and into the spirit of things.

3. Give them a lesson – If your friends or family are scattered across the globe, or if you know there is something they’ve been dying to try (but haven’t summoned the courage, or haven’t yet made the time), gift them an adventure. Most sports have intro classes or clinics, or purchase them a one-on-one session with a coach. Or send them off on an adventure they never knew they wanted. Adventure gift websites like Great American Days and Fun Sherpa have plenty of experiences on offer, from learning to fly to photography workshops.

Gift Tips:

  • Read the fine print – Make sure you feel comfortable with the location and the terms and conditions of what you’re purchasing. And keep an eye on expiration dates!
  • Let her pick – Too many to choose from, or uncertain about her schedule? Most places and websites have gift certificates available; but again, read the fine print.
  • Join in – If you can, go on the adventure with your friend – the more the merrier!4. Layer Up – If you’re still uncertain about gifting adventure, or if your friend or family member is pursuing one particular passion, you can’t go wrong with the gift of quality gear. Check out Royal Robbins’ Merinolux™ Go Everywhere® Crews for Men and Women, the Women’s Foxtail Fleece Vest, or jackets like the Batten Down Jacket and the Snow Wonder Jacket – versatile, stylish pieces of gear to accompany any adventure.

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