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Loyal Royal Program FAQ Page

How do I earn points?

5 point earned for every $1 spent. 1,000 points earned = $10 to spend on (not valid on any partner sites or at our Berkeley and Modesto stores).

How do I redeem points?

When you are signed into your account, at checkout, reward points will be an option to use as payment.

Referrals – Help Us Help You Help Them!

Refer your friends to, and we’ll give you $15 off for every friend that makes a qualifying purchase! AND, we’ll even give your friend $25 off their first purchase of $75 or more.

How will my friend receive his/her discount?

When you log into your account, you can send a referral link or an invitation to our website to your friend’s email address.

When they receive the email from you, as long as they follow the link in the message to our site, they can redeem their discount at checkout.

How do the reward points work?

You can pay for your whole order using reward points. Ie. If you have a reward point balance of $100 and want to buy something for $60, you can use your reward points to pay for the whole order

How many friends can I refer?

As many as you want!


  • Products purchased with store credit or points cannot be returned, even if paid for partially by credit card.
  • Products purchased with points can be exchanged for products of equal or lesser value.

What if I bought an item for $60 with $20 credit and $40 in cash? Can I return it?

No. We can only exchange it for an item of equal or lesser value.

Do I still get points if I return an item that I paid for in cash?

Sorry. Once we refund your money, we also reduce your points balance to reflect the return.