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Blue Water Short

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Overall Customer Rating

3.444 Stars

(Based on 9 reviews)

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9 Reviews

  • 5 1 1409788800000


    September 4, 2014 5

    The Blue Water Short is my favorite shorts, they are awesome! Comfortable for sports like rock climbing, hiking or anything outdoors really, but just at ease in a casual business meeting with sandals or hanging around the house. I wear them all the time. Just a point of reference I wanted to make, I don't have the body type portrayed by the model, instead of tall & skinny I am short & stocky, a former bodybuilder, when I was younger, so I have big legs & these pants fit great.

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  • 5 4 1377734400000


    August 29, 2013 5

    As I type this, I am wearing shorts I bought almost 30 years ago. They are quite threadbare and I was excited to see they were still made! But now I am sad that this next pair probably will not last another 10 even. So sad. Royal Robbins along with Yves Chouinard both were ferociously dedicated to exceptional quality when they started their companies so many years ago. This new philosophy of "just good enough" is a failure. You would think Coach Leather would have been enough evidence of the disaster of abandoning quality and loyal customers.. but it just keeps happening. over and over and over. "Going Public" is the nail in the coffin. short term goals. long term disaster. 5 stars on what it USED TO BE. I am grateful for the last 30.

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  • 0 8 1344729600000


    August 12, 2012 0

    Love the shorts from 10 years ago. Still wear them today. Please bring back the Heavy Duty Fabric, Rock Bag Strap, the front Knife Pocket and lanyard D-Ring. The "bag strap" helps keep a sailing winch handle in your back pocket and the Knife front pocket with D-ring is essential FOR USE ON A SAILBOAT!

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  • 3 8 1340582400000


    June 25, 2012 3

    Ditto to the others. These will be my last purchase of Blue-water shorts. The quality has gone way down hill. I can buy almost the same short for 1/3 the price almost anywhere. What I will miss is the snap on the waist and the large back pockets that I can't find with any of the others. The rock-bag strap was discontinued several years ago. Too bad, so sad.

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  • 3 5 1339200000000


    June 9, 2012 3

    I have been wearing these shorts for more than 20 years, needless to say, I love them. I would also agree with the other comments that the quality has gone down. They are wearing out faster, and I am doing less in them :) You can definetly feel a difference in the quality of the material. It is too bad, because if I'm going to have to replace them every year, I might as well spend less and get another brand. Still holding out hope for quality.

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  • 4 6 1338940800000


    June 6, 2012 4

    The old version of the shorts -- thicker canvas, rock bag strap, higher quality button/zipper -- were amazing. The new version which was out last year and this year is just kind of average, but the shorts fit so I keep getting them. If you brought back the old high quality version rather than this run of the mill version, I think you could charge more. I know a few other customers in my family who feel the same way. The old version was so authentic and durable. This new version seems like someone wanted to cut a LOT of corners in order to save a few bucks.

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  • 4 7 1331337600000


    March 10, 2012 4

    I wear these shorts about 300 days a year. I have about 30 pairs of them and i am going to order 2 more today. But i have to agree with the other 2 reviews to some extent. The material that the pocikets are made of has gotten thinner and less durable. I am finding that my really old shorts ( the ones that still have the rock bag strap on) still have pockets without holes or repaired holes in them. the new ones.. the pockets go first.. I still love 'em but if it is a matter of economics,,,,, i would pay a few bucks more for the strap to return ( i use it for my keys) and beef up the pocket material.

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  • 3 5 1330128000000

    R E

    February 25, 2012 3

    ditto to all the other comments, not canvas anymore, soft cotton, like everyone else. Been buying these for 15 years, no more

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  • 4 6 1316995200000


    September 26, 2011 4

    I have been a faithful and loyal follower of the RR Billy Goat cotton canvas short since 1985 (yes, really, that long); however, I became dissappointed when RR switched the fabric to a lighter weight. I want a short that can stand on its own. Afterall if it is advertized as being rugged and being able to withstand the abuse of brushing up against lodgepole pines and granite outcroppings of the Sierras, then flimsy nylon suitable for hanging around poolside at a Las Vegas hotel is not going to cut it. Besides, the current Billy Goat nylon shorts feel as if I have a sack of mud up agaist my thighs everytime whenever I place anything in the pockets. I don't know about you, but as for me the sack of mud feel I can do without. Therefore, it should not come to any great surprise that I have ceased buying the Billy Goat short. But you can reel me back by simply offering the original cotton thick-yarned canvas. Allow me to provide to you the wise words of my father, "If it is not broken don't fix it." I am sure you have heard this before. Guess what, the original Billy Goat shorts were not broken--so please bring them back.

    OK, I realize this was not supposed to be a review about the Billy Goat shorts, but rather the Blue Water Short. These are very good shorts for a number of reasons: (a)first and foremost because the fabric is the original stone-cold, thick-yarned cotton canvas; (b)short inseam, only 6.5 inches--I want shorts not short pants; and (c)ample pockets. Now the reason I did not give it a rating of 5 is because the Hook & Loop closures are irrating to deal with and simply not necessary. In fact, I remove hook part of the closure so I don't have to deal with it. So if you want me to raise the rating to the top simply remove the Hook & Loop and the flap on the back pockets.

    Thank you for providing me the opportunity to share my comments.


    Mike Weiss

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